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We Are Albany

We are a rare beast. The only crown green bowls club in a Coventry park.

Where we play
The Pavilion at Spencer Park

We think we're lucky. Some bemoan kids playing football on the green and the lack of a handy bar. We don't, we love it! Passers-by regularly come and watch, we get invited to community events, and it's a beautiful park to play in.

About the green

- Opened circa 1910, the oldest Crown green in our Coventry

- Owned by Coventry City Council, maintenance funded by us

- Measures approximately 40 metres square

- 10 minutes walk from Coventry railway station and City Centre

- Home to Albany Club Bowls Teams since 1996


The Monday night team before a match
Who we are

We believe Crown Green is a sport to be enjoyed by all. There are no barriers to playing Crown. We operate teams for all skill levels and competitiveness, have open days to give people their first taste and can loan out equipment to get you started. We want everyone to enjoy the social and health benefits from our sport - and to have tons of fun!

As well as many male teams we have a vibrant female team and two mixed gender side. We would like more but some Leagues restrict entry based on gender. We believe this is wrong and will continue to fight to change this.


Award presentation
Who we play for
Albany Club in Earlsdon High Street

We are the Albany!

We represent the Albany Club located in the High Street, Earlsdon, Coventry. You can find out much more about the club here.


About the Albany Club

- Bar, lounge and concert room

- Large TV screen, beer garden and patio area

- Prime location in centre of Earlsdon with only £10 pa membership

- Pool, snooker, darts, crown green bowls and dominoes teams


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